About Us

The name, 3rd Floor came when Jon was baking pizzas out of his 3rd floor studio apartment. First the neighbors were eating pizza by the slice. Then, they told their friends. Before long people from all over town were ordering pizza from Jon and he was still baking out of the apartment oven.

His pizza was so popular that one jealous person called the health department to complain. The funny thing about that was one of the officials who worked in the health department had been ordering pizza from Jon for several months already! Jon quickly found new space and continued to meet the demands of his clientele.

For Mr. Gallu this is the story of the American Dream come true! Now Jon has more orders than he could ever handle alone. With a full kitchen and employees to service more and more customers his business keeps growing.

The secret behind his success is “in the recipe.” Many of the regulars say that Jon’s pizza is the best pizza they’ve ever had. “I’ve traveled all over the world and eaten pizza in Europe and even world famous Chicago pizza. In my opinion Jon’s pizza is the best pizza in the world.” –Brent (Montana, USA)

Jon tells customers, “The pizza has several proteins and enzymes your body requires on a daily basis.” In fact, some local pizza consumers even claim to be addicted to this world class pizza pie, because their body is telling them to come back for the healthy food.

Recent Milestones

Are you looking for a great franchise opportunity? We are currently in the franchise development process. A duplicate model of our pizza franchise will be a rewarding endeavor for many. Both those who have a Jon’s pizza franchise (franchisee) and those purchasing the pizzas will receive the mutual benefit healthy pizza being served! To buy a pizza franchise, find out more call Jon Gallu at 406-595-1005.